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Ivar VanKemenade is a multifaceted professional whose journey reflects a rich tapestry of experiences and achievements. As the enterprising owner of Leather Repair OC, LLC, located in the center of vibrant Orange County, CA since 2018, Ivar has cultivated a reputation as a true maestro in the realm of leather repair and restoration. His journey, however, was not singularly paved yet is a testament to his exceptional dedication and international perspective.

Arriving in Chicago from the Netherlands in 1996 on a student visa, he embraced the opportunity with fervor. His commitment to academic excellence shone brightly, achieving a remarkable 4.0 GPA as an international student in Marketing and Management. This achievement not only reflects his intellectual prowess but also underscores his ability to thrive and excel in new environments.

Ivar’s journey into entrepreneurship was preceded by a dynamic career in marketing. His solid academic foundation paved the way for seven years of successful leadership in a marketing department. His strategic thinking, creative vision, and effective management skills contributed to the growth and success of various marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Prior to his current endeavor, Ivar flourished as the helm of a mobile upholstery repair business in the dynamic Chicagoland area. This earlier venture underscored his innovative prowess and his unyielding commitment to exceeding customer expectations. But there’s more to his story.

Ivar’s passions are as diverse as they are captivating, a tapestry of interests that colors his life with vibrancy. His love for international travel transcends borders, as he eagerly explores new cultures, flavors, and landscapes across the globe. This global perspective enriches his artistic flair and penchant for creativity. A true handyman at heart, he finds solace in building and crafting, channeling his energy into projects that blend ingenuity with meticulous workmanship while creating projects that combine his talents and imagination, both functional and aesthetically pleasing. His artistic soul also finds kinship with nature: plants infuse his spaces with life and vitality.

On the sporting front, Ivar’s energy finds an outlet in the rhythmic thump of a tennis ball. Bike riding offers him freedom, letting the wind carry him as he explores new routes and embraces the thrill of movement. And recently, the enchanting waters right off the Californian coast have enticed him into the world of snorkeling, a newfound passion that uncovers the mysteries of the underwater realm.

Ivar’s world is a tapestry woven from a symphony of interests, each note adding depth and dimension to his journey. It’s this eclectic mix that makes him not just an entrepreneur, but thriving simple individual while immersing himself in a diverse array of life’s enriching experiences.

The Short Version 

Ivar VanKemenade, owner of Leather Repair OC, LLC in Orange County, CA since 2018, is a versatile professional known for upholstery repair. Originally from the Netherlands, he arrived in Chicago in 1996 on a students visa and achieved a 4.0 GPA in Marketing and Management. His journey reflects dedication and international perspective.

Then in marketing, he led successfully for seven years after a strong academic foundation. Before his current endeavor with Leather Repair OC, LLC, he excelled in mobile upholstery repairs in Chicagoland, showing innovation and exceeding customer expectations.

Ivar’s diverse passions include global travel, creativity, building, and sports like tennis and biking. He recently found a new passion in snorkeling off the Californian coast. His life is a symphony of interests, enriching his journey.

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